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Dermaceutic Light Ceutic – Skin Toning Night Cream

Dermaceutic Light Ceutic – Skin Toning Night Cream

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Irregular or dull complexion
Prevents the appearance of dark spots

Lightening cream containing 8% of glycolic acid, 4% phytic acid and a stabilised vitamin C derivative

The combination of glycolic acid, phytic acid and vitamin C gently exfoliates the skin and regulates the production of melanin, which causes pigment spots.

Glycolic acid
Reduces corneocyte cohesion of the keratin layer of the skin, which enables homogeneous exfoliation.

Phytic acid
Lightening and antioxidant agent. When associated with glycolic acid, phytic acid helps reduce the epidermal pigmentation process by blocking iron and copper ions involved in the formation of melanin.

Vitamin C
Considerably improves the skin’s resistance to attacks from free radicals. The vitamin C used in this formulation is stable, and will not oxidize

perfume free
paraben free

Size: 40 ml airless bottle

Apply in the evening on the face and neck.
To maximise the depigmenting action, superimpose Yellow Cream on the dark spots.
Cleanse the skin beforehand with Cleanser 5 to optimise results.
Use Serum C25 and Sun Ceutic for its antioxidant action and Sun protection.

Products that contain Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHA’s) may cause initial flaking, tingling or irriation to the skin. For some this may be part of the normal resurfacing process.This generally improves as the skin ‘gets used’ to the treatment. AHA products may be introduced with less frequent use, and application can be increased as the skin acclimates. At first start by gradually introducing one AHA product at a time into your skincare regime.
Discontinue use if you have severe redness, itching, burning, rash, swelling or blistering.

It is recommended to apply a sunscreen daily when using products that contain Alpha Hydroxy acids (AHA’s).