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REN Clean Skincare Ready Steady Glow Daily AHA Tonic

REN Clean Skincare Ready Steady Glow Daily AHA Tonic

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Keep your skin looking healthy and clean with REN's Ready Steady Glow Daily AHA Tonic. Designed to easily alleviate fine lines, acne, visible pores and dehydrated skin, this skin toner is powered by lactic and azelaic acid that balance skin tone and brighten the appearance of dark spots.

Key Ingredients:

  • Lactic Acid: a natural L (+) lactic acid produced by fermentation from sugar. This AHA is very gentle, as it has a very large molecule that stays on the surface of the skin. 
  • Azelaic Acid: a precursor that prevents the melanin production, promoting a balanced skin tone; it addresses uneven skin tone and dark spots while improving skin quality for a brighter and more luminous appearance.

Key Benefits:

  • Exfoliates dead skin
  • Refines skin texture
  • Promotes cellular renewal
  • Brightens complexion