SkinSense Retinol Booster Night Drops 15ml

SkinSense Retinol Booster Night Drops 15ml

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The Retinol Booster Night Drops are formulated to boost the efficacy of your chosen skincare product, and are power-packed with retinol to help reduce the look of ageing indicators such as fine lines, wrinkles and irregular texture. Simply apply one drop for a gentle introduction to retinol, two for a powerful yet stable boost, or three if you are already familiar with using retinol products.

1 DROP = up to 0.3% Retinol*
For those who are new to retinol and are looking for a gentle introduction into their night time routine.

2 DROPS = up to 0.6% Retinol*
Perfect for supercharging your routine with a powerful, yet stable boost of retinol.

3 DROPS = up to 0.9% Retinol*
For more robust skin types and those already using retinol in their nightly routine. Add 3 drops to your body cream to tackle rough skin on elbows and knees.

* When mixed with 3 average sized ‘pumps’ of a secondary product, sufficient for the face and neck.


For those new to retinol, introduce this into your night time routine gradually 2-3 times a week. Build up use to every other night. For more robust skin types and those already using retinols, use nightly. Retinol is a powerful active ingredient which can make your skin a little more sun sensitive so it’s important to wear additional sun protection during the daytime.