SkinSense Retinol Eye Concentrate 15ml

SkinSense Retinol Eye Concentrate 15ml

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A lightweight concentrate designed to smooth the skin in the delicate eye area, this targeted eye treatment is formulated with a milder strength of retinol to gently reduce fine lines and uneven skin tone without irritation. The long-lasting lamellar structure forms an invisible film around the active ingredients to ensure stable, gradual release into the skin – prolonging the presence of retinol i the skin and therefore its efficacy. The innovative triple-action roller ball applicator allows for added lymphatic drainage and when massaged into the skin.

Key ingredients:
Retinol (0.05%)
Hyaluronic Acid


For those new to retinol, introduce this into your night time routine gradually 2-3 times a week. Build up use to every other night. For more robust skin types and those already using retinols, use nightly. Use the triple-action roller ball applicator to gently massage product into the skin to aid lymphatic drainage. Retinol is a powerful active ingredient which can make your skin a little more sun sensitive so it’s important to wear additional sun protection during the daytime. Due to its potency, there is a clinical smell to the serum which totally dissipates after a few seconds.